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Canada's Burgeoning Immigration Crisis: Immigration And The End Of Canadian Culture

As a true red blooded Canadian, I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the criminal Justin Trudeau regime in Ottawa that has basically opened Canada's borders wide open to the most disgusting criminal and illegal filth that comes from every shithole across the globe.....  I am not here to be "politically correct" and I will spell it out like it is; These illegal migrant workers are absolutely flooding across our southern border and have absolutely no inkling at all in joining "Canadian culture" and instead are allowed to keep their own "cultures" while not being able to find work or blend in with other Canadians..Instead, the vast majority of these illegals are allowed free homes, free health care, and free money from Canada's already overstretched welfare system.. .It is so disgusting and an absolute travesty....

I came across the following very important report that I do want to share with all of my own readers here, for it backs up everything that I have been saying about how the disgusting Federal government in Ottawa has been allowing this criminal "immigration policy" to continue unabated and will indeed see the eventual destruction of this nation itself... For according to the following report from the Investment Watch Blog website, at www.investmentwatchblog.com, the present policy of Canadian immigration will indeed spell the end of Canadian culture itself... Here is the link to that report here, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I absolutely agree with this analysis, for living here in central Canada I am indeed witness to how these illegal migrants have been coming across the border and have indeed been destroying the Canadian culture that I have long grown up in knowing and believing in....

I am not blinded by the bullshit of "political correctness" either,and will not just turn a blind eye to what is happening with these immigrants coming in here and destroying our culture..... It is getting pretty bad here in the frozen tundra of central Canada with these illegal immigrants doing NOTHING to better this nation, and instead are allowed to have every opportunity to further their own interests while I see hard working Canadians both unemployed and many living on the streets in destitution!  

I can only imagine what my other two Canadian compadres, Greencrow who hails from the nether region of British Columbia, and of course Penny who hails from the wilds of southern Ontario, have to say about all this.... Considering they are in the areas where the majority of these "immigrants" are now settling, I would speculate they themselves are not too happy as well....

Yes, we may be seeing the end of "Canadian Culture" thanks to the stupid immigration policies of the arrogant Liberal regime in Ottawa.... I just hope that this nation does not turn into the type of "shitholes" that many of these immigrants originated from...

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Sowing War And Chaos - US Continues Meddling In Syria Through The Kurds!

I am continuing to watch what has been happening in Syria over the last week, and especially how matters have taken a further turn thanks to the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.... It does appear that the American attempt to dismember Syria through their diabolical plan of using the Kurds to create an illegal state carved out of Syria may be turning into a disaster.....

I have been watching and reading so much coming out the alternative media these days.... One article just caught my attention, comes from "The Duran" website at www.theduran.com via the Aletho News website at www.alethonews.wordpress.com, and really shows how the Americans have once again screwed up in their meddling in other nation's affairs, especially in Syria.. It is entitled: "Sowing War And Chaos: US Continues Meddling In Syria Through The Kurds" and is a must see by everyone... I have it right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sowing war and chaos: US continues meddling in Syria through the Kurds

Doubling down on the fixation with ousting Assad produces another US foreign policy disaster
By Alexander Mercouris – The Duran – January 23, 2018
On October 6th 2017 I wrote a lengthy article for The Duran in which I said that the US’s two previous plans in Syria having failed – Plan A being regime change through US backing of violent Jihadi groups, Plan B being the attempt to set up an anti Assad ‘Sunnistan’ in eastern Syria – the US was resorting to Plan C, which was to establish a US backed Kurdish protectorate in northern Syria, so as to undermine the Syrian government from within.
In that article I outlined in detail how that was being done, with the massive supply of arms to the YPG, the Kurdish militia in northern Syria, and through the permanent deployment of US troops in the Kurdish controlled regions of northern Syria.
I also outlined what I thought the likely consequences of this Plan C would be,
Consequences of the US’s Kurdish policy
What are the consequences of the US’s Plan C/’Kurdish’ strategy, and what are its prospects?   In summary there are five:
(1) it will prolong the conflicts in Syria and Iraq;
(2) it is delaying the final defeat of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq;
(3) it will make the Iraqi government align itself still more closely to Iran and Syria;
(4) it will strengthen hostility within Turkey to the US, and may make Turkey more inclined to seek regional alignments with the US’s Middle East rivals and enemies: Russia and Iran;
(5) it risks making the Kurds even more isolated in their region, whilst uniting the region against them.
I also said that though Plan C was rather more grounded in reality than Plan B since a Kurdish statelet in northern Syria had rather more coherence and reality than the eastern ‘Sunnistan’ proposed as Plan B, it was nonetheless in the long term unworkable, and the attempt to implement it would set the scene for the next US Middle East debacle.
Just two weeks later, with the Iraqi army’s successful offensive against the Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq, and following the Iraqi army’s recapture from the Kurds of the key Iraqi oil town of Kirkuk, it appeared that this Plan C was already failing and on 19th October 2017 I wrote a further article for The Duran in which I said as much.
In the event, with a persistence worthy of a better cause the US despite the failure in Iraq has persisted with its Plan C.
Firstly the US announced that it intended to keep 2,000 US troops stationed (illegally) in Syria indefinitely, supposedly to prevent a ‘vacuum’ emerging there.
In reality the true number of US troops in Syria is much greater, and it is the presence of these troops which by preventing the restoration of the Syrian government’s authority across the whole of Syria is threatening to create a ‘vacuum’ there. Most, though not all, these US troops appear to be based in northern Syria, in territory controlled by the YPG.
Then the US announced that it was building up a 30,000 strong ‘border force’ in northern Syria, which it was clear would be built up around the Kurdish militia, the YPG.
The results have been very much as I predicted in my article of 6th October 2017.
Firstly, the US game with the Kurds in Syria has outraged the major regional powers: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.
Turkey’s President Erdogan has now launched his army and air force against the Syrian Kurds whom the US has been backing in their north Syrian enclave of Afrin.
In order to launch this attack Erdogan needed Moscow’s permission, the Russians having previously positioned military observers in Afrin.
A Turkish military delegation accordingly visited Moscow and obtained Moscow’s permission, resulting in the withdrawal of the Russian military observers from Afrin and the unimpeded operation of the Turkish air force there.
The Russians for their part attempted to persuade the Kurds to hand over Afrin to the Syrian government as a way of averting the Turkish attack. The Kurds, counting on US protection, however refused, with the result that they have quickly discovered that the US protection that they had counted on is nowhere to be seen, so that they now find themselves facing the Turkish army on their own.
In a bizarre twist, showing the extent of their confusion and possibly highlighting the internal criticism their leaders are coming under for putting so much trust in the US, the YPG is nowblaming the Russians for the debacle.
We know that, without the permission of global forces and mainly Russia, whose troops located in Afrin, Turkey cannot attack civilians using Afrin air space. Therefore we hold Russia as responsible as Turkey and stress that Russia is the crime partner of Turkey in massacring the civilians in the region.
In the meantime, where a few weeks ago it appeared that ISIS in its fastnesses in eastern Syria was close to total collapse after coming under simultaneous attack by the Syrian army and the US backed Kurds, it is now back on the attack and has actually been able to recover some territory at the expense of the Kurds, who are having to transfer fighters to face the threat from the Turkish army in the north.
Meanwhile the Syrian army has been able to capitalise on Turkey’s focus on the Kurds to carry out major advances against the remaining Jihadi enclaves in western Syria near Damascus and in Idlib province, where the key Abu Duhur air base has now been recaptured from the Jihadis, and where large numbers of Jihadi fighters have been surrounded by the Syrian troops.
Latest reports from the normally reliable Al-Masdar news agency speak of continuing Syrian military advances deeper into Idlib province, with plans apparently being prepared for an offensive which will bring the Syrian army all the way up to the outskirts of Idlib city.
An article in the Guardian has now confirmed the critical role of the British government in egging the US on with Plan C as well as the extent of US and British dismay with the latest developments:
The problem for the west is that, as an endgame possibly approaches in Syria, it cannot afford to lose Turkish diplomatic support since Ankara has been the vital countervailing force to a Russian-imposed peace.
The Turkish preoccupation with the Syrian Kurds on its borders could lead to the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, reaching a deal with Damascus and Moscow.
The speech – in which the UK Foreign Office had a big hand – was something of a watershed and was under-appreciated in Europe. Previously, Trump’s policy on Syria was simply the destruction of Isis and an aversion to talk of nation-building. But the Tillerson speech has been widely criticised because it was long on aspiration but short on detailing the credible levers the US and the west have to pressure Moscow to abandon Assad.
Western diplomats say they have some stakes in the ground: the threat to withhold EU and US reconstruction funds, the promise to keep 2,000 US troops inside Syria indefinitely and a slightly confused commitment to help the Kurds form a border force inside northern Syria. British ministers also repeatedly warn that a Russian-imposed peace that simply leaves Assad in charge would not only be morally reprehensible but unstable…..
There is so much wrong with the thinking in this article that it is difficult to know where to start.
Firstly, it is grotesque to say that “a Russian-imposed peace that simply leaves Assad in charge would not only be morally reprehensible but unstable” when it is Western policy to use the Kurds to prolong the war in Syria in order to increase pressure on the Russians so as to get them to agree to having President Assad ousted which is the true and obvious cause of the continuing instability there.
Secondly, to suppose that Turkey would stand idly by whilst the US armed the Kurds to fight President Assad’s government when Turkey is already fighting a Kurdish insurgency on its own territory was beyond farfetched. It should have been obvious that any policy of this kind that relied upon both Turkey and the Kurds in order to succeed was bound to fail.
Thirdly, the idea that the Western powers can ‘pressure’ Russia into ‘abandoning’ President Assad now that President Assad is in secure control of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Deir Ezzor, all of Syria’s main cities, and in fact every part of what constitutes ‘useful Syria’, when Russia previously refused to abandon him when the territory under his control was reduced to a small coastal strip and he was about to lose control of Deir Ezzor and Aleppo, is beyond delusional.
Now that the Turkish army is pressing deep into Afrin, with the US and the Western powers as the Guardian article says unable to stop it, the Guardian article refers to what is rapidly becoming the default Western position in northern Syria: abandon the Kurds and hand over to Turkey and its Jihadi allies a strip of northern Syria as a ‘security zone’ at the Kurds’ expense:
The US can argue it tolerated Kurdish territorial expansions across northern Syria, and specifically west of the Euphrates river, only so long as the Kurdish militias inside the Syrian Democratic Forces were needed to defeat Isis, but now that battle has been won the US priority is to stop the freefall in its relations with Turkey. If that means a temporary Turkish foothold in the patchwork that is Syria, so be it.
One might even call it Plan D.
That this is indeed the emerging policy – though some US officials still seem to be unaware of the fact – has now been confirmed by Rex Tillerson, the US’s hapless Secretary of State, who speaking of Turkey is reported to have said the following:
Let us see if we can work with you to create the kind of security zone you might need.
What this ignores is that this policy is every bit unworkable as the Plans A, B and C which preceded it.
Firstly, the duplicity towards the Kurds is nothing short of staggering. Having armed the Kurds and encouraged them to create their own statelet in northern Syria in order to fight ISIS and destabilise the government in Damascus, the US is now preparing to abandon them to Turkey as soon as the going gets difficult.
Needless to say duplicity of this order is going to shatter trust in the US both amongst the Kurds and even in Turkey, which is not likely to forget any time soon the game the US attempted to play with the Kurds in Syria at its expense.
Secondly, Turkey’s Jihadi allies have repeatedly shown their lack of military effectiveness. It is all but inconceivable that they can control territory in northern Syria in the face of opposition from both the Kurds and the local Arab people without the protection on the ground of the Turkish army.
However whether the Turkish army would be prepared to remain entrenched forever in northern Syria facing what is likely to become before long a guerrilla war waged against it by both the Kurds and the local Arab population backed by the Syrian government in Damascus is problematic to say the least.
My opinion is that that is all but inconceivable, in which case Plan D is as unworkable as Plans A, B and C.
Thirdly, despite the Kurdish complaints about ‘betrayal’ by Russia, the likely consequence of the latest events is that over time it will oblige the Kurds to rein in their regional aspirations and seek to come to terms with the government in Damascus, just as the Russians have been urging them to do.
By any objective measure the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq have in recent years grossly overplayed their hand.
They used the US induced internal crises in Syria and Iraq to forge all but independent areas within those countries. They then expanded these zones far beyond their natural limits, bringing under their control large areas with predominantly Arab populations.
Then as the internal crises within Syria and Iraq abated, instead of leveraging the strong position they had achieved to come to terms with the governments of those countries so as to hold on to their gains, the Kurds went for broke, and gambling on US promises of support, they pitched for what amounted to outright independence, in Syria de facto, in Iraq de jure.
As a result they antagonised all the regional powers and Russia, bringing down upon themselves the wrath of Iraq and Turkey, and finding themselves isolated, when they discovered in Iraq in October and in Syria now that the promise of US support had no reality behind it.
The result is that when they were attacked by the Iraqi army in October and by the Turkish army now they found that they had no one to look to but themselves.
Pressure of events if nothing else will now probably force the Kurds in Syria to come to terms, however grudgingly, with the Russians and with the Syrian government in Damascus.
That would obviously mean accepting the overall authority of the government in Damascus in return for whatever form of autonomy the Russians can negotiate for them.
That is the only realistic way that the Kurds in Syria – who ultimately account for no more than 8% of Syria’s population – can secure protection for themselves provided by Russia, which as recent events have shown is the only secure form of protection that can be relied upon in this region.
As for the US and its Western allies, the time has come – in fact it is long overdue – for them to commit themselves to some serious rethinking.
The strategy of regime change in Syria which was launched in 2011 has decisively failed.
There is no realistic possibility of the US persuading Russia to abandon President Assad and agreeing to regime change in Syria, and no realistic way the US can bring about regime change in Syria without Russia’s agreement.
That means that regime change in Syria is impossible and is not going to happen.
With the Syrian government in Damascus now secure and gaining daily in power and confidence, it is now only a matter of time before it regains full control of all Syrian territory.
All the various plans to keep Syria weak and divided by playing Sunnis against Alawites, Kurds against Arabs, and Turks against Kurds and Syrians, can only delay this outcome, not prevent it, and can only do so only at horrific cost, whilst setting up the US for further humiliation
This is because the only practical effect of these plans is to increase the Syrian government’s dependence on Moscow and Tehran, thereby strengthening Syria’s alliances with Russia and Iran and weakening the regional geopolitical position of the US.
In reality if the US’s objective really were to limit or even extinguish Russian and Iranian influence in Syria – as it claims – then the only way it could do this would be by coming to terms with the Syrian government in Damascus, which is the legitimate government of Syria recognised as such by the overwhelming majority of Syria’s people, so as to persuade it to limit or cut its ties to Russia and Iran so as to reduce or extinguish the influence of these countries in Syria.
That would involve giving the Syrian government security guarantees that it could trust and economic aid to rebuild Syria, in return for its agreement to limit or close the Russian and Iranian bases which are now starting to appear on Syria’s territory.
Whether such a thing is now possible is another matter. However the modern history of the Middle East is such an appalling catalogue of duplicity that I for one would not say it was impossible if it were ever seriously attempted.
Already there are rumours that some officials within the Syrian government in Damascus are uneasy about the over close relations (as they see it) which Syria now has with Iran, and the problems which they think these are causing Syria.
However if the US is going to embark upon this genuinely realistic foreign policy then it must end its maniacal fixation with the person of Bashar Al-Assad, and it must tell its allies in Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel that they must do the same.
Putting aside the disaster this fixation has caused to the people of Syria, who have had to endure seven years of war because of it, its only result has been to strengthen Syria’s alliances with Iran, Russia and more recently Iraq, thereby weakening the geopolitical position in the Middle East of the US.
As ought to be obvious, doubling down on this fixation can only spell more disaster further down the line, and the latest debacle in northern Syria which has resulted in fighting between the US backed Kurds and the US’s NATO ally Turkey ought to underline this fact.
However because this obvious truth is one which continues to be passionately resisted in Washington – not to mention in London, Jerusalem and Riyadh – it looks to be rejected, opening the way for still more disasters to come.

NTS Notes:  I have been saying for years that the US and Israel have been trying "Plan A", "Plan B", "Plan C", etc, etc in their vain attempt to have Syria destroyed and dismembered... With all of the other plans being dismal failures, these criminals have "hitched their wagon" on the stupid idea of "supporting the Kurdish independence" cause to create an illegal "Kurdistan" that will never ever be allowed to be formed by Syria and all of its neighboring states....

I also showed in previous articles how President Bashar al-Assad actually has many times sent a real "olive branch" to the Kurds offering them full autonomy under the Syrian system where they would be allowed to live in peace and harmony with support and protection from the Syrian government and its military... However, the Kurds under the guidance of their American/Israeli controllers have "rejected" that plan and most stupidly...Now we see what "protection" the United States has to offer by the Turks turning their military loose on them....

And I find it most disturbing and laughable that the US is now trying to blame the Russians for this debacle that they themselves have created... That is most sickening and ridiculous...

I honestly do not like to see what is now happening in Syria in regards to the Kurds.. They have been fools for "allying" themselves with evil entities such as the US and Israel.... And now of course the US has been showing how two faced they really are in basically "abandoning" them now in the face of Turkey's attacks...

So, there we have it... Once again the US has interfered in the affairs of another sovereign nation, has illegally invaded it, set up illegal bases, and even has armed some of that area's inhabitants (the Kurds) to the teeth.. .The consequences will be war, bloodshed, and a lot of death and destruction....

Why is it that every time we see the US government meddle in other nations and their business, they seem to always fuck up badly?  And consequently leave that nation ruined?  The pattern always seems to continue...

More to come


The Hawaiian Nuclear Alert "False Alarm": Even More Speculation That We Just Averted Nuclear War!

I have had my naysayers come out and attack me over the last week about my reports concerning the Hawaiian Islands "False Alarm" nuclear alert that lasted (very strangely) for some 38 minutes, and left many of the islanders in sheer panic.... I have been continuing to look at all of the reports since that "incident" of January 13th, 2018 with a lot of skepticism.... Being of course a long time critic of the "Jew spew media" and of our own governments, and knowing that both are indeed consummate liars, I do see that something DID happen that morning that we were never told about... I therefore stand behind my assertions that the "truth is stranger than fiction" and that we may have just averted a major nuclear war...

I came across this most interesting video just the other day, where Denise Wilbank interviewed former CIA worker, Robert David Steele, about what has been happening with the Donald Drumpf administration and of course the recent "incident" in Hawaii, and what Mr. Steele states in this interview is what I and others have been saying all along about the Hawaiian "false alarm"; That it was NO alarm and the US military did indeed just avert and stop a clandestine nuclear attack on Hawaii itself... First and foremost, here is that video here for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, I do NOT support what has been said in this interview about US President Drumpf, for being skeptical about the man and his interests, I view him as a Jew butt kisser that supports the Jewish agenda for America...

However, my ears absolutely "lit up" when I first heard what Mr. Steele had to say about what actually happened in Hawaii and how it was indeed the US military stopping an attack from a "clandestine" submarine....

I have said it before that there is ONE nation on the planet that has the means and ability to carry out this attack on Hawaii,and that is of course Israel... Its Dolphin class nuclear submarines are absolutely bristling with nuclear armed CRUISE MISSILES, and these bastards would not think twice about conducting this attack as part of the criminal Jewish cabal's attempt to get a nice little nuclear war going.....

Here is my scenario about what happened in Hawaii.... The Jewish cabal wanted to get a nice little war going in Asia to divert all of the attention away from the criminality that has indeed been coming to recent light in the US government, meaning of course the 'deep state' and other cronyism under that ultra criminal, Hillary "Killary" Clinton... To prevent any further action, they concocted this scheme of getting the US involved in a full fledged war in Asia by having one of their Israeli near "stealthy" Dolphin class nuclear submarines move to a launching point within range of its nuclear cruise missiles and fire one off aimed at Oahu....They would have their obedient idiots in the Jew spew media of course go hog wild after the attack was successful in stating that it was a strike from "North Korea", or even possibly "China"....

Luckily and for the sake of all mankind, there are still some in the US military that are indeed working to stop such criminal actions from this "cabal" and Hawaiian military was alerted to the launch of this nuclear cruise missile and defensive measures did take effect that were able to blow this missile out of the sky long before it hit Oahu...And the US military and their anti-submarine forces were able to detect the launching point and were able to "eliminate" the submarine to prevent any further launches...

Honestly, this scenario does actually make more sense than the bullshit we have been fed by the Jewish controlled media that would never admit that their cherished and psycho state of Israel would do such a dastardly thing.... For if the American public knew the real truth, it would be hell on Earth for these bastards.... Therefore we have the continuing and ever changing bullshit reports about this being a "false alarm"....

The truth may eventually surface that shows much of my reports to be right... I for one am absolutely glad that the world was not plunged into a full fledged world war from this incident.... But we must remember that the psychos in Israel have several more of these Dolphin class submarines lurking in the world's oceans, and they would not stop at trying this type of attack again and soon...

More to come


American Economy In Recovery? I Do Not Think So: Important Video Shows Shocking State Of Homeless Problem In America!

I have been keeping tabs on the economic reports that are being spewed by the Jew spew media these days, and what I find is almost laughable if not very sad..... The "economic experts" are still out there proclaiming that the American economy is in "recovery", and have the NERVE to proclaim that "unemployment rates" in the US itself are at "near record lows".....  I honestly do wonder what these clowns are smoking and how they can make these statements with straight faces....

Recently, a friend sent me the following video via email, and he said that I should put it up here for everyone to see for themselves about how bad the homeless situation really is in California.... I figure that it is better late than never to share this important video with all of my readers here... This video is entitled: "California's Homeless Problem" and is indeed very shocking and disturbing to watch.... I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Jody, over at her website: "What They Don't Tell You" (www.jpaulson.blogspot.com) also has this video up, and one of the commentators put forward the interesting comment that asks about how many of these homeless individuals shown in this video are white?  I would say the majority are, and it does indeed show another problem with America these days where hard working whites are being displaced by minorities...

Yes, I find this video most shocking, for I do remember the last time I was in southern California back in 2009 where I was in and around that part of Anaheim California as the video shows, and at that time I did not find the homeless situation to be this bad... This shows that in less than 9 years since that point about how this problem has exploded and grown exponentially....

And yes, this video flies in the faces of those who stupidly claim that America is in "economic recovery"... California has indeed not recovered and this important video does show how that state has turned into a cesspool of despair......

I hope that others take this video and share it with others... When people say that America is on the "road to recovery", show them this as the proof of otherwise....

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation

* I had to take one of those "me days" yesterday to do some catching up on personal business.  I was tied up helping a family member over the weekend and needed yesterday to clear up some other family matters.  My apologies to those who expect at least one article a day, but again family needs come first and foremost.

Everyone is fully aware by now about the present situation in Syria in regards to Turkey's invasion of Kurdish held areas in northern Syria....I have long suspected that the Turks are aiming at the destruction of the PKK/YPG faction of the Kurdish forces, and  have concentrated the bulk of their efforts presently on reducing the Kurdish held areas in and around the towns of Afrin and Manjib.... It does seem that Turkey is definitely not about to allow the American dream of having northern Syria handed over to the Kurds to create a "Kurdistan", for they know that such a creation could create chaos in Turkey itself that contains a large contingency of Kurds itself....

I have been reading so many of the alternative media articles these last few days on the situation in Syria in regards to the Turkish invasion....As I said in my weekend rant, I have been looking for the answers as to why the Turks had decided to launch their operation at this time knowing full well that their actions would further destabilize the Syrian situation and could lead to even further American illegal intervention into the region.... Penny, over at "Penny for your Thoughts" (www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com) did give me some very reasonable and rational explanations as to the "why" for Turkey's actions, and I do want to thank her for her valuable insights....

I have also been wondering how the criminal entity known as "NATO" would react to having one of its members, Turkey, upset their criminal actions in Syria by their invasion of northern Syria and attacking the US backed Kurdish forces there.... And for an answer to this key question, I once again want to turn to Penny's latest article from her "Penny For Your Thoughts" website, where apparently the criminals at NATO are trying to "save face" by trying to show some sense of "unity" in spite of again one of their key members, Turkey, taking action that disregards their whole sick plan in having Syria destroyed, dismembered, and Bashar al-Assad removed from office... Here is the link to Penny's article here:


OK, I find the statements made by the NATO members of course to be sheer hypocrisy... They are trying to claim "unity" and have the nerve to say that they are in Syria to "fight terrorism" when of course they are in that sovereign nation to overthrow the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad and basically shatter the entire nation....

I tend to agree with Penny's assessment that the Turks had no choice but to take action due to the criminal actions of the US in arming the YPG faction of the Kurds in northeastern Syria....

AND I found it most interesting of course that the US "promised"  these criminal Kurdish factions were going to be withdrawn "shortly" from the area around Manjib back in 2016... Now almost a year and a half after that "promise" those factions are still there and therefore that is another key reason the Turks have taken action to basically remove them by force...

I also have been wondering about WHY the US has been so heavily arming and training the PKK/YPG factions in northern Syria and why they had the nerve a week ago to claim that they were going to build a "30000" strong "border army" in northern Syria?  Exactly which nation was this "border army" being aimed at?  I do believe that the Turkish leadership are no fools and can see this "border army" being aimed at Turkey itself, and therefore we have another reason for why the Turks have taken action against these forces at this time...

Yes, as I feared, we may be seeing a potential US/Turkey "showdown" happening due to the American insurrection and illegal actions in northern Syria..... This potential war between two "NATO allies" is what I have written about in several previous articles here at this blog.....

Well... With all of the attention turned to the Turkish invasion of northern Syria, there has been some very good news elsewhere as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces have continued their victorious operations against the US backed "rebels" in a now every shrinking set of pockets in Idlib Province... Here in fact is the link to the latest update from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, that shows the present military situation as the SAA continues their advances towards elimination of the Idlib pockets:


As I said in previous articles, with the fall of the town of Abu al-Duhur and its key military base, the SAA can now concentrate on destroying the estimated "1500 rebels and ISIS fighters" holed up in eastern Idlib, and then move rapidly to push what is left of "rebel" resistance westerly towards the Turkish border... Once Idlib falls, then other "rebel" held pockets elsewhere in Syria can be more easily tackled and destroyed as well..

OK, I can guarantee the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal is now at the point of full defeat in regards to their sick dream of having Syria destroyed.... Coupled with Turkey now acting in "defiance" of their want in having northern Syria split away to form an illegal Kurdish state, they have lost on all fronts in Syria itself and short of a full invasion of Syria, they have lost the war.....

I will continue to watch the situation in Syria as it unfolds.... It will be indeed interesting to see what the criminal US government does now to try to save their "Kurdish allies" in northern Syria, and to have the sick dream of having Syria dismembered continued as they had planned....

More to come


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Yes, it is Sunday once again, and as usual time for my weekly rant...

I got jammed up with some family and personal business between yesterday and earlier today...But luckily I got almost all of that out of the way and I found a window of opportunity of a few hours to sit down and get this rant out..... 

First and foremost... The weather up here in central Canada has actually been quite nice these last few days.. Temperatures have moderated to near freezing (0 Celcius or 32 Fahrenheit)... However that is the "lull before the storm" for temperatures are expected to plunge once again by mid week to the -20C mark with overnight lows around -30C.  Yes, I knew it was too good to last and the rest of this month will be just as cold as it was at the beginning, meaning cold and miserable...

I have been attacking the fraud of "Global Warming" now for some years, and I am still surprised and I have to laugh when I see or hear anyone out there still brainwashed by that fraud.   I put out part 3 in my "Baby Its Cold Outside" series a few days back that linked a report that showed that temperatures in Siberia were indeed much colder than here, but I did not note to readers that weather patterns in Siberia usually cross over to North America and hit us here in central Canada usually about a week or two later... Basically these "Siberian express" cold systems follow the jet stream into our parts and eventually become those "polar vortexes" that people have heard of.... AND, I noted in that article that a day later, that same online "news" service had the nerve to put out garbage that the "last 4 years" have been the "warmest on record"... I do wonder what these clowns that print that trash are smoking?

I also noticed an interesting article that I came across earlier this week where supposedly the big head honcho behind the "Global Warming" fraud, "Manbearpig" himself Al Gore was worth only some 5 million dollars in 2001 in the aftermath of his failed campaign to win the 2000 US Presidential campaign.... BUT the same article showed that by 2016 this clown somehow was able to improve on his wealth and was worth in the neighborhood of 300 million dollars!  Yes, promoting the lies and bullshit of "Global Warming" and producing two ridiculous "movies" about the fraud has indeed made this ass clown filthy rich..... This again proves that this fool is NOT in this "Global Warming" scheme for the "betterment of mankind" but to become filthy rich!   I have said many times in my articles that attack the fraud of Global Warming that Al Gore was NO "saint" and was indeed in this for the money and was a con artist.. Now we know by just looking at how much he is worth today how much of a fraud artist he always has been and how he is in this scam for nothing more than to become filthy rich.

OK, Enough about the weather.... I have been watching and reading over these last few days about how the situation in Syria has now taken a dangerous turn with Turkey attacking the Kurdish forces in and around both Afrin and Manjib.   And honestly, I am indeed puzzled by this move by the Turks at this time... Yes, the Turks and the Kurds have seemingly always been enemies, and Turkey has stated clearly that they would never allow the creation of a Kurdish independent state in either their nation or in adjoining Syria....But I have been wondering about any "agreements" that Turkey has made with the Russian Federation that has now allowed this action in northern Syria... There have been many alternative media writers that are claiming that this action by Turkey is somehow in support of Bashar al-Assad's government in Syria, but I just saw several reports today where the Assad government has "condemned" this action by Turkey and has come out and clearly stated that Turkey is supporting the US backed "terrorists"that are still operating in Syria. We must also not forget that Turkey is still "a part of NATO and therefore is "allied" with the United States that supports the Kurdish "cause" while still wanting to see Syria dismembered. Therefore we are stuck with a major puzzle here, with more questions than answers.  I will continue to sift through all the reports and try to make sense of it all with reports at this blog to follow....

BUT... I wrote in my previous article on the situation in Syria that I see a dangerous scenario unfolding due to this action by Turkey.... My guess is that we will see the Jew spew media in both the US and Canada now go crazy over the next while with report after report about this "criminal" move by Turkey against the "helpless Kurds" living in northern Syria.  I am predicting that these propaganda outlets will give us 24/7 coverage of Turks "slaughtering" Kurds as a method of brainwashing people into the false notion that "something has to be done" to "save the Kurds"... And I predict that lo and behold but the US government will not only continue to pour in massive amounts of military hardware to support the Kurds, but may use this Turkish invasion as their excuse to "come to the rescue" of the Kurds by committing combat troops directly into the mix by the possibility of direct invasion of Syria itself.... But that invasion will NOT be to "save the Kurds" but will be aimed at overthrowing the Bashar al-Assad government in Damascus.   THIS is just a theory of course, but we shall see over the next week how the US does react to the Turks attacking the Kurds.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government forces (SAA) have been able to close the gap around the US fraud "ISIS" forces still operating in eastern Idlib Province. With that closure and the capture of the key Abu Duhur military complex, the US backed "rebel" defense of the "Idlib pocket" is now on the verge of total collapse.  This is another reason why the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is now beyond desperation in their attempts to save their fraud "rebels" from annihilation and why they may use the "Turkish invasion" of northern Syria as their pretext to directly intervene into Syria itself.

Well, in other news, I saw a most interesting report last week where supposedly the Russian Federation is wanting to send several probes to the Moon over the next few years, while planning for a manned orbital flight of the Moon by later next year, 2019.... And my reaction is "good luck with that" considering the fact that the Russians are no farther ahead of the Americans in solving the problems of radiation in space.... If the Russians do attempt this flight, I do suspect that it will be wrought with as much lies and fakery as the US has done with their fraud Apollo moon missions of 1968-1972....  Yes, the lies about manned space flight beyond low earth orbit do continue to this day, and as I said before the Russians are indeed as great a bunch of liars as their American counterparts.

Just last week I did get another of those comments in one of my articles concerning the faked Apollo Moon missions where the commentator revealed himself to be one of those "flat earth" nut jobs and had the nerve to state to me "how can you believe that man never landed on the moon and NOT be a believer in "flat earth"?  I honestly had to laugh, for this shows the ignorance of these "flat earth" ass clowns, and further proves what I have said all along in that these "flat earth" numb skulls have been purposely injected into the alternative media and truth community to destroy the credibility of researchers who know that NASA's space "exploits" are mostly a pack of lies... These "flat earthers" have basically "poisoned the well" by creating the false impression that anyone that thinks that Man never landed on the moon is automatically a believer in this "flat earth" nonsense... And they have done their job very well, for if anyone just goes over to Youtube and types in "fake moon missions" they will see a ton of videos produced by these "flat earth" retards!   The bottom line here is simple... Knowing that mankind did not go to the moon does NOT make you a "flat earther".  There is and should be NO link between these two points simply because the former is based on reality, while the latter is based on stupidity!

Someone also sent me a terse "comment" last week that called me an "idiot" for supporting and re-posting articles from Jim Stone's website, because Jim himself is an adamant US President Donald Drumpf supporter.... I will once again state it clearly here that I do and will continue to put up articles here that do originate from many websites such as Jim's, even if those sites are "suspect".. Many writers, such as Jim, do put out some great and very truthful articles even though they indeed have many naysayers and are "questionable" at times.. Hell, Jim himself is still a firm believer in the lies of "Project Apollo" and has written articles that attack those who see that as a fraud many times.  But it has not stopped me from posting up a lot of his material that is spot on...... Therefore, even though Jim Stone is still backing that moron, Donald Drumpf, I will not stop linking to some of his truth filled articles that he does post constantly...  We all make mistakes and Jim himself is indeed human band prone to mistakes like everyone else...

I have been waiting for more updates on the situation in Germany, where a "prisoner of thought", Canadian busker Monika Schaefer, is still wallowing in a German prison cell awaiting a "trial" for the bullshit charge of "Holocaust denial".   Yes, Monika is as far as I am concerned being illegally held without charges and has been absolutely abandoned by the Canadian government as well. I have been awaiting to see if the Jew spew media up here in Jew occupied Canada would even bother to let the Canadian public know about this illegal action by Germany against a Canadian citizen, and there has not been one peep at all.... Basically the Canadian people are being purposely kept in the dark about this criminal action by the German government, and the stupid Liberal regime in Ottawa under that ass clown Justin Trudeau is doing absolutely NOTHING!.... I do feel so ashamed these days to call myself a Canadian, and I and others in the real truth movement are apparently the only ones brave and willing enough to let our fellow Canadians know that Monika Schaefer is indeed locked up in a German cell illegally and without any just cause!  If any further reports do come my way about the status of Monika, I will be sure to post them in upcoming articles...

There have been no major new developments since that "incident" in Hawaii last weekend where the islands went on full alert with reports of an incoming nuclear strike.   Everyone is still being led to believe that this was an "oops" moment with an operator in the Hawaiian Emergency Alert System basically "pushing the wrong button" and causing that 38 minutes of pure panic for the Hawaiian people.. But I was not sold on that scenario at all for it left so many gaping holes in its story including the fact that several of Oahu's own military complexes went on full alert themselves and those bases are NOT tied into the Hawaiian EAS system at all... Something did happen that we were not told about, and when the reports did surface from the alternative media about the strong possibility of this being a real attack that was thwarted at the last minute by basically destroying the 'incoming missile', that was when I really took notice.....  I do suspect that the story of this being a real attack conducted by a "rogue" submarine (Israeli Dolphin class?) to try to create the necessary "false flag" to get the US into a shooting war against North Korea holds more credibility than the garbage being sold of this being a big "oops" moment.

Well... I guess that is enough for the moment... .I again will be paying particular attention to what the hell is going on in Syria with the Turks now "upping the stakes",  for I do not like where that is going and how it may indeed be used to further 'destabilize' the Syrian situation when the Syrian people are indeed on the verge of winning their nation back..... But in the meantime, I guess I will close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits" here....... As I said before, the situation in North Korea is NOT as we have been told, and basically it is nothing more than fear mongering for the sale of American made weapons in the region.  Yes, again I will state that fear does drive weapons sales, and right now business is indeed good for the criminals in the US military industrial complex.........The US government has now "shut down"?  Honestly, who cares?  Other nations have experienced "government shutdowns" in the past including Belgium that went for some 500+ days without a 'government' in 2010-2011 with no damage to the Belgian people at all.  I look at this as just more Jew spew media "fluff" and more distractions from other real issues........There continues to be little news coming out of Fukushima Japan these days, but needless to say that the disaster is still going strong with no end in sight.  The 7th "anniversary" of this 2011 disaster is fast approaching and there is still no solution or a means of repairing the "melted reactors" at all.  I suspect that this disaster will continue for decades and will continue to poison the planet in the meantime.......A Palestinian young woman now faces "criminal charges" for slapping an IDF hoodlum that was threatening to kill members of her own family.  This is an abomination and shows once again the evils that the Palestinian people face every day in their plight against psychotic Israeli aggression......Interesting report out of Las Vegas, where apparently now months after the October 1st "mass shooting", the Las Vegas Police and the FBI have YET to catalogue even one deceased victim from that shooting.  This again calls into question the entire Las Vegas false flag event and should have more people going "Hmmmmmm...."....Reports this week from the Jew spew media concerning US President Donald Drumpf's "mental health".  Honestly who cares?  Drumpf may not be "mentally unhealthy" as the finding show, but he is still a massive Jew butt kisser and will do anything to please his Jewish psychotic masters...... I saw an interesting report last week where apparently viewership of the National Football League playoff games are down by almost 23 million viewers from previous years.  Yes, all of that bullshit "kneeling" of idiot players before games has damaged the NFL's credibility and permanently.......One other thingy that I found about the war in Syria.  Apparently new reports show that
drone attack on the Russian bases about a month ago were indeed carried out by the US CIA. and all I can say is "Gee, You think?"........ I took a walk through the local mall the other day to see how the economy was doing, and what I saw was abysmal.  Nobody was buying anything.  Stores were continuing to try to entice shoppers with 'sales' but nobody has any money to spend at all.  Yes, the situation is indeed becoming increasingly dire, and in spite of the clowns out there saying we are in 'economic recovery', I see the evidence showing clearly the opposite.  The worse is yet to come..........I see Arsenal won their game yesterday against Crystal Palace by the score of 4-1.  But honestly with the Gunners now in 6th place, their chances of securing a Champions League berth are almost impossible even with 14 games remaining in the schedule.  I am hoping for major changes come this off season......... Someone asked me why I am calling Taylor Swift basically a raving lunatic and quite insane.  I asked them to prove me wrong, and I have yet to hear back from this person.......And finally, I see that the main skank in the Kardashian psycho world, Kim, has another child via a "surrogate mother".  And this kid has been blessed with the name "Chicago" to boot.  Considering how the city of Chicago has turned into a shit hole with all of the gun violence we all hear about, this kid does indeed have a name to be proud of!  Yes, the sick Kardashian world still spins around, and I for the life of me am still wondering why Americans are so infatuated by the daily happenings of those trolls and skanks?  If someone has a reasonable and logical explanation I am all ears...

More to come


Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Latest Updates, And Now Turkey Is Escalating Situation

*First, I may be delayed in getting tomorrow's rant written and published.  I have some business in the morning and afternoon to attend to, and therefore the rant may be sent out either later in the day or in the "worse case scenario" by Monday.... Family business always comes first and foremost and does take me away from this blog from time to time.

I have indeed been following the situation in Syria very closely these last few days....There is of course some good and some bad news in regards to the Syrian people fighting to free their nation from the scourge of the US/Israel/NATO criminals, and I figure I would concentrate on that first here in this newest article.

I of course want to present the latest updated map of the situation in Idlib Province where the good guys, the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies have FINALLY closed the gap in the eastern part of the Idlib "pocket" of so called 'rebel' resistance and have fully captured the most important base at Abu Duhur.... The closing of that pocket means that the American led forces known as "ISIS" are now trapped, and hopefully the SAA will indeed annihilate them out right and eliminate the last of these fraud "terrorists" from western Syrian once and for all... Here is a link to a report that comes today from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, that covers these developments:


It is imperative now that the SAA and the Tiger forces destroy the pocket in eastern Idlib province to wipe out the majority of what is left of the US "ISIS" forces operating west of the Euphrates River.. Once that destruction is completed, the SAA can move deeper into the central part of what is left of the Idlib pocket and force the entire "rebel" resistance to finally either surrender or face annihilation...  Yes, this is the good news happening right now in Syria...

Meanwhile we have some "not so good news" from eastern Syria in Deir Ez-Zor province, where the American led "Kurdish forces" are supposedly "attacking" the American led "ISIS" forces in and around the town of Gharanji... Here is the link to another report from the Southfront website that covers this supposed 'assault' in pretty good detail:


I find it interesting that these reports state that 'dozens' of these fraud "ISIS" fighters have been "killed" in this attack... But since both sides in that "battle" are controlled by the US, I honestly doubt if anyone has actually been "killed" and I suspect this battle is for PROPAGANDA once again to try to sell to the world that the US is still illegally in Syria to 'fight ISIS'..... I therefore suspect that nobody has died in this battle and all these deaths that are being reported are pure bunk...

Now comes the BAD NEWS... Yes, the long anticipated and planned Turkish assault against the Kurdish forces in and around the towns of Afrin and Manjib in northern Syria is finally underway... And my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, over at "Penny for Your Thoughts" has a most interesting report on this Turkish operation in Syria that the Turks are calling "Operation Olive Branch" that I want to share with everyone.. Here is the link to Penny's report here:


I also find it most interesting that the Turks are calling their assault on Kurdish occupied northern Syria "Operation Olive Branch"..... I do agree with a lot of Penny's statements on why the Turks are attacking the Kurds at this time, and there is at present a reasonable assumption that the Turks are somehow "aiding" the Syrian cause by attacking the Kurds...

I do agree with Penny about this Turkish attack leading to further 'destabilization' in Syria... But I see something more sinister as a result of this Turkish invasion.... I have this unsettling idea that the US will use this "Heinous Turkish attack on "innocent" Kurds" as their excuse to not only pour in more military hardware for their "Kurdish allies" but will use this Turkish attack as PROPAGANDA through the Jew spew media to brainwash the gullible American people into supporting the criminal US government in sending American combat troops directly into the war in Syria (even though thousands are already there) by having Syria invaded outright by the US to 'save the Kurds'.... And when these forces are sent to Syria, they will not only be used to "save the Kurds" but will, as that criminal US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated, to get the "regime change" in Syria that the criminal cabal so desperately wants!

Yes, I am indeed puzzled by the actions of the Turks at this time... On one hand, the Turkish leadership claims that it is working with both the Russians and the Syrians to fight the "terrorists" in Syria... But on the other hand we have the reports about how the Turks are the handlers of many of the so called "terrorists" in and around Idlib Province as well as the Turkish leadership calling for President Bashar al-Assad to be removed from power..... It therefore begs the question as to what kind of game the Turks are really playing here?.....

We shall indeed see over the next while how far the Turks are willing to go with their "Operation Olive Branch" and how the rest of the world, and especially the US government, reacts....  As I said before, the war in Syria is a long way from being over...

More to come